Why should I join?

Join the QC – STV RWF club to be part of a fun group of like-minded Republican women who want to restore the conservative principles on which our country was founded and originalist meaning of the Constitution. Together we can make a difference.

What is a Republican Women Federated Club?


Each Republican Club throughout the United States is a member of the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW) which is America’s foremost women’s political organization bringing together our members to positively impact the political process and direction of our nation.


Each of the fifty states has one or more Federation of Republican Women clubs. Arizona Federation of Republican Women (AzFRW) was founded in 1924 and currently has 27 clubs.


QC-STV RWF was chartered by the National Republican Women Federated (NFRW) in October 2020 and is included in District Two of Arizona Republican Women Federation (AzRWF) which includes Pima County RWF, RWF of Pinal County, Oro Valley RWF and Tucson RWF.

What are the Membership dues applied to?

Club members remit annual dues to their Club. Of the dues amount received, Clubs then send $24 for each Active member on to AzFRW. AzFRW retains only $4 per member, forwarding $20 per member to the NFRW. Every Republican Woman who joins a local “Federated” club automatically joins AzFRW and NFRW. Clubs also remit a nominal annual “Service Charge” on top of dues. The NFRW Annual Service Charge fee is $15 per Club and AzFRW annual is $10 per Club. Club Service Charges fees are due with the First Quarter (Q1) Report in January each year.

Once I join an RWF Club, may I join another RWF Club in my state of residence as well as another state?

Under NFRW By-Laws, you are registered under one RWF Club as a primary member as long as your annual dues are current. The NFRW National database will have registered you in the RWF Club where you originally applied.

If you’d like to participate in another local RWF Club, you will need to join as an Associate Member. Should you want to be active in an RWF Club near your residence, you will need to notify club Membership Chair to transfer your primary membership and designate other Club(s) as an Associate Member.

What is an Associate Member?

A primary member who chooses to join an additional club may do so as an associate member. The difference between Primary and Associate members is that associate members are precluded from holding office and voting. An Associate Member can be a family member, student, or a member of another RWF Club.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions?

Please contact us here if you have additional questions.

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