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Why I Became A Republican - Kelly McDonald


I have been a lifelong Republican starting at an early age. The only grandfather I knew was bedridden from 1964-1969 when he then passed away. During his convalescence, he read everything he could and would discuss politics with my mother who was also an avid reader. He would also write letters to all politicians on different subjects to get their opinion or share his. Collecting a large number of written responses and then sharing them with my mother. I would listen to him and my mother discuss politics often as she helped take care of him. I would also go with my mother to Republican headquarters to work on election volunteering, helping her by stacking or sorting letters and flyers. So, when I got to high school I finally asked my mother why she was a Republican and she said that both parties may have good ideas, but the Republicans believed those ideas were better off being done by the individual and Democrats believed the Government should be in control. She believed it was the responsibility of the individual to make a better society, one person at a time. I came to that same conclusion when I realized having responsibility, either for yourself or for society at large taken from the individual and transferred to the Government makes them perpetually childlike with no individual freedom. Later, I received a BA in Public Administration and worked for the Department of Defense for 35 years before retiring. During all that time I saw how difficult it was for Government to execute anything efficiently and yet it was continually chipping away at personal freedom and responsibility by Democrats. 

I believe God intends for us to choose right from wrong, good or evil, not to be forced either way by the decisions of others, and only then can we say we are truly free. 

Because I love freedom I am a Republican.

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