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Twenty-Twenty Two will be a critical year for the future of our country

We know something about you!

You care about our country, you care about future of our children, election integrity, you care about our economy and the stability and safety of our country.

America has suffered a lot of damage this year from the Biden administration and most experts are forecasting a big reaction to these disastrous failures in an election favoring conservatives. We certainly hope so, but we need to be active, we need to participate and we need to be informed. Our political opponents are actively working to maintain their dominance in national and state congress. They are trying to make America a socialist country. We can't let them win!

QC STV Republican Women can play an important role in the election and we hope you will want to be part of that.

Our members have had the opportunity to hear from many of the candidates running for office at our monthly meetings this past year. Next year we'll hear from candidates who will be making important decisions about our future. Be informed! Be part of restoring sound conservative values.


Republicans have a very slim majority in Arizona legislature. We need to put conservatives in office to restore sound conservative policies that will benefit all Americans.

We need to make sure that the GOP candidates who make it to the ballot have a genuine conservative spine and won't betray campaign promises once in office.

Join like-minded, intelligent and fun women who share your values. RENEW your QC STV RWF membership and encourage your friends to join us as new members.
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