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September Membership Update

September Membership Update

QC-STV Republican Women Federated MEMBERSHIP REPORT

Our 2022 Membership is as follows:

We welcome our NEW Primary Members reported to AZFRW and NFRW SEPTEMBER 30, 2022:

  • JUDY MANDRELL (lives in Queen Creek)
  • CINDY CROSETTI (lives in Encanterra in Queen Creek)

Our current Associate Membership, although not reported to the AZFRW & NFRW, is seeing more involvement of our Assoc Members through their Call-to-Action and being supportive of their sponsors.

The following Associate Members are elected or appointed Pinal County's Precinct Committeemen recorded by Pinal County from October 2020-September 20, 2022. The new published will be listed publicly this October 2022.

  • Patrick Aritz
  • Michael Goldstein
  • Paul Stassinos
  • Dean Cobet
  • Bill Hoff
  • Art Warschaw
  • Earl Door
  • Michael Parker
  • Steve Feller
  • Jim Ross

We apologize for any oversight of PC recognition. Please contact Arlene Stassinos or Kaye Feller should we need to add you to the list.

As of this publication, we have 26 Primary Members who also serve as either an elected or appointed Precinct Committeemen for Pinal County or Maricopa County.

Our members are valued and we want to recognize the incredible "seeds of greatness" of our Members!
The following women featured this month have seeds of greatness that continue to cultivate major influence to our local communities and promote conservative values!
  • Gayle Peters served on our Executive Board since we chartered in 2020 as Treasurer. She now serves as QC-STV RWF'S website/Mailchimp Manager. Gayle's fervent conservative values continue to radiate when she writes articles about our Guest Speakers, political events, and pertinent information! Having retired from Marketing Communications at 3M Health Care in Minnesota (the state Gayle and husband Jamey rooted from prior to moving to Arizona ten years ago), Gayle shares her "seeds of greatness" in the field of communications. In addition, Gayle has served for years as Precinct Co-Chair and Election Judge in her home state and as Inspector for Arizona's local precinct in San Tan Valley. This forte of hers guided Gayle to become Captain for Precinct 28. Please extend your gratitude for all she has done for QC-STV RWF!
  • Kathy Door heralds from Northern California (Sacramento) retired from Law Enforcement. Having had 29 years of law enforcement, we are most proud of her achievements in her various positions in undercover assignments, and organized crime investigations, and for her leadership in administrative positions for the State of California as Deputy Director and Chief of Investigations Division. Kathy's seeds of greatness have garnered positions as Adjunct Professor at Sacramento Community College for California Commission on Peace Officers Standard and Training certified programs. She and her husband Earl Door are both elected Precinct Committeemen and should earn the Top Recruiter of Political Refugees luring at least 6 fellow colleagues and their spouses to not just move from California to Arizona, but to Encanterra Community specifically! They can start their own club-- "California Law Enforcement Refugees". Some of their recruits have joined our RWF Club. On a lighter side of Kathy…if you converse with her, ask about her LOVE for Sattui Wines from Napa!
  • Glenda Bird serves as Parliamentarian for our RWF Club and PC in Casa Grande, but also serves as our Region II Director of our Arizona Federation of Republican Women. Glenda affiliations with the Republican Party have deep roots in California. Her affiliations range from being a Member of California Women in Timber(travelled to Washington, DC as an Advocate for forest management), Primary Member of Redding RWF, Alturas' Goose Lake RWF, member of Modoc County Cattlewomen, and worked at a local elementary school near Hayfork, California as Facilitator in a class called "Talk About Trees", and former President of Grande Valley RWF. Vintage, but vibrant, and ACTIVE as a fellow Lady Patriot! Glenda inspires us with her amazing attitude towards life!
  • Chris Felicetti serves as our RWF Club Secretary to a full-term and was one of our original 22 Primary Members when we were applying for our Club Charter. Her Southern roots (from Atlanta Georgia and college at Univ of North Carolina) are prominent in her sense of humor and vibrant personality. Chris is a strong voice to represent the Trump Republican ideals to anyone she meets! She and Associate husband Terry are already engaging their two adorable young grandchildren as Young Republicans in training! Chris is a strong believer to preserve Election Integrity through her years working as a Poll Worker in Arizona. Please wave to Chris with her sun visor as she trips around in her convertible. Don't you love her hairdo!
  • Elizabeth Opas-Lutrario was one of the original 11 members when the QC-STV RWF was in its first phase of development. Elizabeth and Joe brought their Republican values from New York. Husband Joe survived 9/11 as a NYPD police officer. They are heavily involved in teaching jujitsu at a local gym. One of Elizabeth's passions is making and selling specialty handcrafted soaps and various handcrafted décor. Check her out at one of our upcoming local Holiday Boutiques!

Do you know of a Queen Creek-San Tan Valley Republican Woman Primary Member that you feel worthy of being recognized? Talent? Career? Performance? Special feat? Please email or text your information to Arlene Stassinos, Membership. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

"Happy Happy BIRTHday to"

  • Pam Lauck—2 
  • Deb Aritz—6 
  • Elizabeth "Ellie" Harper--9 
  • Annice Jones—14 
  • Janice Concilio—19
  • Helayne Warschaw--19
  • Jill Byron—20
  • Rosa Siemens—23
  • Gail DeMario—25
  • Marie Santo—26
  • Terry Karpinski—30
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