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September Meeting Recap


In Case You Missed the September 13 QC – STV RWF Meeting

If you were unable to attend our most recent meeting, it is unfortunate. We had our largest attendance to date to hear Scot Mussi, President of Arizona Free Enterprise Club, and Jenna Bentley, Director of Public Affairs for the Goldwater Institute in Phoenix speak on their recommendations for each of the ballot measures on the November 8 ballot.

Ms. Bentley spoke on the "Save Our Schools" ballot initiative that the left is still gathering signatures for in an effort to get it on the November ballot. This initiative would do anything but save our schools! The Arizona state legislature, in the 2022 session, passed a bill creating Universal School Choice with state funds to follow the children. The Save Our Schools bill would overturn Universal School Choice and the funds following the children. The Left claims that Universal School Choice would harm the public schools and the students attending those schools. IF YOU ARE ASKED TO SIGN ONE OF THESE SIGNATURE SHEETS, DECLINE AND WALK AWAY!

Arlene Stassinos, 2nd VP – Membership, announced that our membership has reached 91 primary members and 42 associate members.

Scot Mussi and Kim Snow
Kim Snow and Jenna Bentley

Kim Snow, 1st VP – Program, announced our speakers for October will be Dana Lewis, the recently appointed Pinal County Recorder. Dana was the Chief Deputy Recorder prior to her appointment by Pinal County Supervisors. Ms. Lewis worked in the Elections Division of the Recorders Office until last year when the Elections Division was spun off to be an independent office. The County Supervisors hired a new Elections supervisor from Washington State. He was terminated two days after the primary election in August over the critical errors with the ballots.

Dana has an excellent presentation related to her new role and elections. Be sure to attend with your questions on elections for Dana who is also a member of our RWF club.

Also speaking is Marsha Atkins who has an inspirational speaker. Her story moves from her life as a homemaker and mother who got angry with events. As she spoke out, Marsha heard suggestions that she should run for office. She knew nothing about running for office or being a politician and pooh-poohed the idea. Hear the rest of story.

Kathy Leaman, 3rd VP – Ways & Means, announced that we are having a Member Social Event on Saturday, November 12 at Kaye Feller's home. We will be charging $15/person or $25/couple to defray the cost of the wine and food and limiting the guest total to 40. Contact Monica Parker @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 480.287.0704 to RSVP.

Kathy also spoke about our America First Christmas Celebration, mark your calendars for Tuesday, December 6th. We will be serving a beautiful buffet, wine, beer, and a Holiday Mule signature cocktail for purchase. We will have special guest speakers in attendance. Tickets will be on sale soon.

Candice LoPresto – Americanism Chair gave us a lovely update on Compassion Care Center. They are in need of donations for their food pantry. They have requested boxes of cereal, canned meats and tuna fish, and gasoline cards. They have been busy with classes and have a medical/dental clinic upcoming.

We look forward to seeing you at our October 11th meeting. 

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