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September Meeting Recap


 In case you missed the September 14, 2021 QC-STV RWF meeting, here is a recap.

Several members of your club attended a Day at the Capital. Members attending heard from Dr. Kelli Ward, State Senator Karen Fann, President of the senate, Steve Gaynor from Fair Maps AZ gave an update on the state redistricting process. Mr. Gaynor is also a candidate for Governor of AZ. The initial maps are out for review and comment. Governor Doug Ducey spoke on the issues within the state and state Treasurer, Kimberley Yee, spoke on successes she has had in her office. Ms. Yee is also a candidatefor Governor of AZ. Ms. Yee recently succeeded in divested state funds for Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream in the amount of $173M. She is encouraging other state treasurers to do the same in response to Ben & Jerry's boycott of Israel.

Six members of our Club, Arlene Stassinos, Gayle Peters, Kim Snow, Monica Parker, Kathy Nowak and Glenda Bird were elected to represent our club as delegates to the AzFRW state convention at Talking Stick resort, October 23-25, 2021.

Diana Boren, the Executive Events Coordinator of AZ Freedom and Family, LLC spoke to us about the Constitution Day Celebration on Saturday, the 18th at the Queen Creek Botanical Gardens. There were several AZ congressional representatives and candidates for offices in AZ for the 2022 election present. Our current membership currently stands at 66 members.

Thank you all for bringing in members.

Kathy Leaman, the new VP, Ways & Means announced that we are planning a holiday luncheon meeting on December 14 with a special speaker and silent auction as well as holiday baskets that you can enter the drawings for a chance to win.

Our speakers for the evening were Ms. Tiffany Shedd, running for State Atty General. Ms. Shedd is an attorney specializing in land and agriculture law in AZ. Our second speaker for the evening was LD 11 state representative Mark Finchem running for Secretary of State. Mr. Finchem led the fight in AZ for a forensic audit of the 11/3/20 election. He is currently working with six other states in the development of a tamper proof ballot that would be individual to each state.

Hope to see you all at our October 12, 2021 meeting. We will have speakers, Tom Horne candidate for Superintendent of Education and General Mick McGuire running for U.S. Senate.

With the exception of December, we will have at least two top tier candidates for all of the primary offices in AZ: Governor, Senator, Attorney General, Secretary of State and Superintendent of Education. Once we have the new redistricting maps and know who is running for state senate and house we will include those candidates as well.
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