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Recent 2022 Legislation


In light of what people like Wendy Rogers and Mark Finchem know about the 2020 election and what we Republican voters knew instinctively about the 2020 election. I think the steps taken to secure our elections is going in the right direction. Too late for the country now.

I read carefully marked with πŸ‘ those that I read that sounded very much like what we saw in the 2020 election and what 2000 Mules described.

Mark Finchem
HCR 2033: Introduces concurrent resolution calling for the elections of Maricopa, Pima and Yuma counties to be set aside based on clear evidence that the elections in the 3 counties were irredeemably compromised. He cites 4 court cases dealing with irregularities in elections. Finchem cited a Supreme Court in a case "there is no doubt of the right of the legislature to resume the power (to appoint electors) at any time, for it can neither be taken away nor abdicated."

"In the case of Maricopa, Yuma and Pima counties there is evidence showing illegal acts occurred whether by intent or error does not matter, the margin of error exceeds the margin of victory."

Election Integrity Bills HB

Governor Ducey has signed:
  • HB 2492 requires Federal Only Voters in Arizona to provide documentary proof of citizenship. πŸ‘In 2020 11,600 federal only voters participated in the general election without providing proof of citizenship.  In Maricopa county alone there are currently 13,042 active registered voters who have not provided evidence of citizenship to vote with use of the federal form.  HB 2492 codified steps that counties must take in order to verify Proof of Citizenship to vote in a presidential election and vote by mail. πŸ‘
  • HB 2054 to require, rather than allow, Arizona Secretary of State to compare death records transmitted annually by Arizona Department of Health Services with the Statewide Voter Registration Database.πŸ‘
  • HB 2307 to require county board of supervisors, if the voting equipment used for an election rejects over voted ballots or ballots containing irregularities, to provide written notice on or near the equipment in clear view that advises if the voter chooses to override the over voted office or measure or any other ballot irregularity then that voter's vote will not be tallied. πŸ‘
  • HB 2359 to require voting machines and electronic pollbooks containing data ports, plugs, doors, and other methods of physical or electronic access to be secured in a manner preventing unauthorized access to the voting machine or electronic poll book during an election.πŸ‘
  • HB 2569 prohibits the state, City or town, county , school district or other public body that conducts or administers elections from receiving or expending private monies for preparing, administers elections or conducting an election, including registering voters.πŸ‘
  • HB 2794 to stipulate that a political subdivision, agent or officer of this state or any other may not alter or agree to alter any deadline, submittal date, filing date or other election related date that is provided for in statue. πŸ‘
  • HB 2905 to prohibit a county recorder, city or town clerk or other election officer from delivering or mailing an early ballot to a person who has not requested an early ballot or a person who Is not on the active early voting list. Any violation will be a class 5 felony. πŸ‘
  • SB 1002 to specify that the early ballot envelope must also not reveal voter's political affiliation.πŸ‘
  • SB 1003 require the County Recorder or other officer make reasonable efforts to contact the elector and advise them of the missing signature on an early ballot. πŸ‘
  • SB 1530 make simple changes regarding envelopes that early ballots are mailed in state: if the addresee does not reside at that address, mark the unopened envelope Return to Sender and deposit it in United States Mail.πŸ‘
  • SB 1714 make several changes and additions to statue regarding campaign expenditures for out of state contributors as it relates to advertisements.πŸ‘

Or put another way Soros money. My opinion.

Written by:  Jean Kohut

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