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November President's Message

November President's Message

We are literally days away from the 2022 General Election as I write this message. Arizona has become one of the most pivotal Attorney General races in the country as this race has potentially big implications for U.S. democracy, election experts said. Arizona has become a kingmaker state in U.S. presidential elections, and under Arizona law, the attorney general must witness the certification of the election result, has the power to challenge certifications in the courts if they violate state law, and must approve the rulebook that governs how elections are run. I believe that we have the right candidate to meet this challenge over the next four years in Abe Hamadeh.

The second key pivotal race in this election is the Arizona Secretary of State. Mark Finchem is our candidate for Secretary of State. Mark has proven that he is up to this position. He has been a strong fighter for honest and fair elections.
We need both candidates to be elected 20 days from now. To accomplish they both need additional funding. Send them $5, $50 or $500, or whatever you are able to.

2022 has flown by as we participated in the redistricting process in late 2021 and early 2022. We followed up on the redistricting process with a hearing from each of our candidates running in the primary in August. I believe that having the ability to meet our candidates and having the opportunity to question them and hear their responses, in person, helped each of our members in determining whom they would support and vote for in the August primary.

2023 will bring a break in the non-stop campaigning and provide a respite for each of us to regroup and start all over again with the Presidential race for 2024. We should have a good idea by early summer 2023 of who the Republican candidates will be and who they will be up against on the Democrat side.

One role we will have in 2023 is monitoring both our state and national legislators and holding their feet to the fire to ensure they are fulfilling their campaign promises to we the people. I am looking for great things from our Arizona legislators, reintroducing legislation, particularly related to Election Integrity, that they were unable to pass in 2022.

On the National level, we hope that the Republicans will do all they can to cut the purse strings of the Biden Administration so they are unable to continue spending at the rate they have the last two years. Also, our representatives must follow through with the investigations that they have been promising to conduct. We will be busy with these projects as well as having some fun throughout the year. We will be planning more social events for our members.

Our members have been busy supporting our candidates as they campaign. At least 10 members attended the Ted Cruz Across America stop at San Tan Flats. Appearing with Cruz were Kari Lake and Blake Masters. A few days later, President Trump held his latest Rally in AZ featuring Kari Lake, Blake Masters, Abe Hamadeh, Mark Finchem, Kash Patel, Rick Grenell, Marjorie Taylor Green, and Mike Lindell. It was a fun afternoon in Mesa for several Club members.

By the time we meet again, we will be one week past the November 8 general election and hopefully, we will still be celebrating our miraculous "Red Wave" across this great land!

Kaye Feller

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