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May President's Message

May President's Message

Happy May to all! For the last couple of weeks, I am feeling as though we have turned the corner from the 2022 election. There seems to be more good news for our side and more bad news for the other side.

The Biden Family Chronicles are finally being covered more broadly in the media. The most recent revelation coming out of Congressional Hearings regarding the "letter" from 50 former national intelligence specialists that the information on Hunter's computer had all the markings of being "Russian Disinformation." This scheme was the brainchild of Joe Biden and Anthony Blinken, Biden's now Secretary of State. Blinkin asked former CIA Director Mike Morell to get other intelligence "experts" to sign off on the letter which Morell did. None of the 50 experts had ever seen or reviewed Hunter's computer. This is flagrant interference in the 2020 presidential campaign with the intent of helping the Biden campaign and that is why the Intelligence specialists signed on to what they knew to be false.

Kentucky's Congressman Comer is leading the investigation into the Biden banking records and has finally received the 150 +/- SAR reports that U.S. banks had filed with the Treasury Dept related to Biden bank accounts. These SAR reports had not been available since Biden took office and changed the rules related to access to SAR reports for members of Congress. Congress had always had access to review these reports until the rules changes made by Biden following his inauguration.

Comer also says that there are at least 12 Biden family members who have benefited from the family's "shady" business deals.

NY District Attorney Alvin Bragg's charges against President Trump appear to have backfired in various ways. The American public views the charges as being politically motivated to prevent President Trump from becoming elected as the 47th President in 2024 and they don't approve of Bragg's meritless actions. Trump has jumped out to as much as a 30-point lead over all other potential Republican challengers and he has a 15-point lead in a hypothetical poll over all other Republican candidates and has nearly 70% support from Republicans. He also has a 7-point lead over Biden in the most recent poll for the 2024 election. Even many well-known liberals have said that Bragg's charges against Trump will not hold up in court.

In the 2024 Senate races, Democrats will be defending 21 Senate races plus two independent Senate races for senators that caucus with the Democrats (one of those two is Krysten Sinema). Republicans are defending only 10 Senate seats. That is a big advantage for Republicans, unlike the 2022 election when Republicans had a much larger number of seats up for election and the Democrats far fewer.

An area in need of improvement for Republicans is increasing the Republican voter turnout in Pinal County as well as Yavapai and Mohave counties. Pinal Co turnout in 2022 was down about 25% from 2020 which was down from 2018. Our job will be to encourage Republicans in Pinal County to get out and vote. We should urge them to vote early. They can either vote in person in the weeks prior to election day or request an early ballot and put the ballot into one of the county's nine monitored polling boxes before election day. The ballots are picked up at least once a day by county employees and taken to the Elections office the same day. We do not want voters to put their ballots into the Post Office if it can be helped. All of this is legal and it is how the Democrats have been driving turnout and winning for the last several elections.

Pinal County has all Republican elected officials currently and we want to keep it that way in the future. To help accomplish this, we will have our current elected officials come to our meetings to speak to members. This will afford each of you time to get acquainted with our elected officers. We are also going to be asking our members to hold events in your home, inviting friends, family, and neighbors to meet our elected officers and get to know them. Remember there are so many new neighbors moving into our neighborhoods every month and this will give them an opportunity to get to know the people who represent them in our county and in the legislature and to vote for them.

Kudos to our state legislative bodies. They have remained united throughout the current session and have been able to pass some excellent bills for eliminating the sales tax on rent and food in grocery stores, which Hobbs vetoed, saving babies born alive in lieu of not rendering care and allowing them to die (infanticide), Hobbs vetoed. Hobbs has vetoed a total of 63 bills to date. This is a new record number of vetoed bills for a single legislative session in Arizona. The bills that she vetoed will be excellent issues to campaign against Demos (as they all voted no on the bill prior to Hobbs's veto) running for the legislature in 2024 and will help Republicans to widen the margin from the current 1 seat majority in each house.

Kudos to Kevin McCarthy, Speaker of the House, and Congressional House Republicans for generally holding together on very important votes. We must pray that McCarthy and the House Republicans are able to hold out against Biden in the upcoming debt ceiling increase vote. Republicans have put together a strong list of spending cuts that must be put in place prior to agreeing to the debt ceiling increase. It is now in Biden and the Democrat's hands.

It is spring in the Valley and things are looking up. Now it is in our hands to make a difference. Come out to our next meeting on May 16 and join us as we move forward.

Happy Mother's Day to each of you,

Kaye Feller, President
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