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March President's Message

March President's Message

As February draws to a close, I am seeing more glimmers of hope for Republicans both in Arizona and in Washington DC. In Arizona, the Republicans in both houses of the state legislature are fighting hard for election integrity legislation, to protect the Education Savings Accounts (ESA), passed in the 2022 legislative session, from Gov Hobbs who would love to eliminate the ESAs.Additionally, they were able to prevent Pima County's leftist Health Director from becoming head of the AZ State Health Department. Our hard-fighting Republican legislators have achieved much so far in this session. If we all continue supporting our Representatives each and every day, whether through the Request to Speak system or contacting them directly, we can make it through this legislative session without losing what we have fought so hard for in prior years. Thank you for all you are doing.

At the National level, Republicans are moving quickly on their many investigations. They are pushing forward in their requests for documents that every department, up to and including the President, is stonewalling Republicans on. The House Republicans have reinstated the Homan Policy that allows them to target and stop monies going to specific areas of any department of the government, i.e. funding of the 87,000 IRS agents or the funding for the new FBI office in northern VA. Withholding funds from agencies gets their attention and generally leads to their compliance with requests from the Investigative committees. We have some fearless members of Congress leading these committees and I pray every day that they are able to succeed in culling out the illegal activities that have taken place over the last many years.

Speaker of the House McCarthy has turned over 41,000 hours of video from January 6 to Tucker Carlson of Fox News. The Democrats are apoplectic over this as they never wanted or intended for American citizens to see these video. This could be as big as the Twitter Tapes scandal. We shall see over the next few months.

President Trump's visit to East Palestine, Ohio was so well received by the desperate citizens of that area. President Trump brought in thousands of bottles of water and food as well as cleaning supplies so badly needed. He did all this at his own expense because the Biden administration and the railway company had refused any type of assistance to the residents of this small town on the Ohio/Pennsylvania border. It was only after President Trump announced his plans to visit the area that Biden finally had his NTB go into East Palestine last week.

We cannot give up hope in the face of losing the top three offices in Arizona. We now have the Superintendent of Public Education, Tom Horne. He is working to rid the schools of CRT. Our state legislature is more conservative than ever before. They are holding together on critical votes and they have stood up to Hobbs and won. Our Congressional members are more conservative than they were before the election with six (6) Republicans and three (3) Democrats. Before the election, the Democrats had five (5) seats and the Republicans held four (4).

Kari Lake, Abe Hamadeh, and Mark Finchem are continuing their pursuit, through litigation, to help clean up the corruption in Maricopa county elections. Please support their efforts with donations as their fight will ultimately end up at the Supreme Court. Without judicial intervention, the Democrats will continue to do what they have been doing, in various ways, for the last several elections and the Republicans will continue to lose. It doesn't matter how pristine the elections are in the other 14 counties in AZ, because of the sheer number of votes in Maricopa County.

We have much to be grateful for as we continue to forge ahead in our endeavor to ensure the survival of the most incredible experiment we have been blessed to live in and enjoy the freedoms, that come from our creator, not man, in these magnificent United States of America.

Kaye Feller, President

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