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March Meeting Recap

March Meeting Recap


We had three excellent speakers join us at the Crossroads Church on Combs Road. The first speaker was LINDA TRIBBETT who is the Anti-Exploitation Director for Compassion Care.

Linda and her husband have been involved with working with young women that have been trafficked or were currently living the nightmare of being trafficked or identifying those that could potentially become victims of trafficking. Linda explained that young people whose family life is often less than wholesome, such as those living with alcoholism, drug use, and/or absent parents.

Linda shared an inspiring account of how the work of faith-based Compassion Care began, and the importance of building connections with others! Via video, Rebecca shared her personal journey out of drugs, stripping, and prostitution to a new life. Today Rebecca has her associate degree and she works on a suicide prevention hotline. She is also continuing with her education. Rebecca shared that she did not believe that she would be alive today without the help of Compassion Care.
Compassion Care appreciated the many contributions of food received from our group at the meeting. THANKS to everyone who participated!

NEAL CARTER SHARED the good, the bad, and the ugly of what is happening at our State Legislature. Our conservative legislators are holding the line and courageously and strategically working to contain liberal appointments, policies, and budgets. Neal also spoke to the difficulties of legislating with a Republican legislature and a Democrat Governor. Hobbs has signed a few bills but has vetoed over 10 to date. Our legislators are working hard to hold the line against the Democrats' tax and spending policies. They have also defeated a few of Hobbs's nominees for her appointee positions. It is unimaginable to think of losing one or both houses of the legislature in 2024 to the Democrats who they would control the government for the next two years.

DANA LEWIS MADE an impassioned speech to encourage conservatives to work together. The squabbles going on at our party will negatively affect our hope for the future.

Dana shared information about a service offered by the Pinal Recorder's Office for Pinal County residents. Ads warn us to protect the title of our home – while offering their services for a fee to contact us in the event the title changes on our property.

We can sign up for Pinal County Recording Notification Service and the county will automatically notify us if any has filed documents to change the title on your property from you to another party. This notification is made quickly and not months later when it is too late. We must all be aware that the theft of our property could happen to any of us at any time.
Press the Control button on your computer and click on the link below. It will take you to the site to sign up for this service

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