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July President's Message


Greetings fellow patriots. As I write this month's message there has been an overflowing of amazing news from the United States Supreme Court. They overturned a 100+ year old New York law that unconstitutionally seriously restricted access to obtaining concealed carry permits. Today, the court rightly overturned Roe v. Wade. We have waited 49 long years to see this tragic and baseless opinion corrected. Both decisions have and will continue to spark unbelievably mistaken rhetoric and potentially tragic actions on the part of the left. Their reactions and rhetoric prove that they did not pay attention in history and civics classes with little to no understanding of the constitution.

On the political side, Republicans continue to see an 8–9-point lead over Democrats in the generic polling. This spread exceeds, the generic lead Republicans had in 2010 when they won 63 seats in the House of Representatives so our total pickup in the House could approach 100 seats. Even in the Senate we have an opportunity to pick up several seats. I do not believe that the recent court rulings will hurt the Republicans on election day as I believe that the economic challenges will be the overwhelming driver for voters. I do think the gun restriction legislation passed by the senate and house in Washington this week could potentially lead to many Republicans staying home and not voting which could be devasting in some races. The Republicans never seem to miss an opportunity to find defeat in the face of victory.

There is much work to do between now and Primary Day on August 2. We can win but we must be willing to work for the victory. We need poll watchers/observers for the early voting period, election day and post-election day while votes are being counted. We also need workers on election day. It is the only way to ensure that our election processes are followed so the Democrats cannot cheat and they will if we don't turn out.

I want to say thank you to each of our hard-working board members:

  • Kim Snow, 1st VP – Program, has done a wonderful job getting engaging speakers for us each month. We have seen nearly all of the candidates running in the primary. We were not able to get Kari Lake or Kimberly Yee out to speak but not because we did not try valiantly.
  • Arlene Stassinos, 2nd VP – Membership, provides our snacks and goodies each month during our social time prior to the meeting. In addition to this she greets members when they arrive and ensure that each member has their name badge. She is the first contact members have with our club and she warmly welcomes each of them. She also helps with each of the New Member Orientation classes.
  • Kathleen Leaman, 3rd VP – Ways & Means, plans our events such as our Christmas luncheon, our monthly 50/50, our Flag Day celebration and many other events. Ways & Means is the fundraising position for our club that enables us to participate in our civic obligations of the club, such as Caring for America, our Armed Services role and in presenting scholarships which we will be presenting in the Spring of 2023.
  • Kathleen Leaman, is also our acting Treasurer until the position is filled with a new Treasurer. Kathy has done a tremendous job getting the records online which will make the position much easier for the new Treasurer is elected.
  • Recording Secretary – Chris Felicetti who accurately takes our minutes for our monthly BOD meetings. These minutes are our permanent record of our organization.
  • Chaplin – Monica Parker who offers such beautiful prayers at the beginning of each of our meetings. It always sets the tone for the meeting that follows.
  • Americanism and Caring for America Chairs – Berta Lockhart each month shares with us the back story and meaning for pieces of our countries history. Candice LoPresto each month shares with us an update for Compassion Connect, our Caring for America partner.
  • Parliamentarian Glenda Bird keeps your President and Board of Directors in line ensuring they are following our by-laws in the governance process for your club. Glenda is also the District II director. District II includes four clubs in addition to our own club; Pima County RW, RW of Pinal County, Oro Valley RW, Tucson RW.

Please take a minute to say thank you to each of these ladies for their contributions to the success of our Club.

Thank you also to each of our loyal members who attend our meetings and support requests for support. We are very thankful for each of you.

Wishing you and your family a very happy and peaceful celebration of the birthday of our beautiful country on the 4th of July.

Kaye Feller, President
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