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June Meeting Summary

Our Board Members all dressed in their patriotic t-shirts celebrating the Flag of the most wonderful country in the world!

We had a great meeting celebrating Flag Day, President Trump's birthday and of our course our terrific speakers; Rodney Glassman, candidate for AZ Attorney General and the three legislative candidates from LD 15, Jake Hoffman, candidate for AZ state senate and Jacqueline Parker and Neal Carter, candidates for LD representatives.

We also shared a "Mock Ballot" for AZ candidates to each of the 50+ members and guests in attendance.
The results are as follows:

  • US Senate: Blake Masters 58%, Mick McGuire 33%, Jim Lamon 9%. the remaining candidates did not receive votes.
  • AZ Governor: Kari Lake 61%, Matt Salmon 26%, Karrin T. Robson 13%, the remaining candidates did not receive votes.
  • AZ Atty General: Rodney Glassman 43%, Andy Gould 24%, Abe Hamadeh 24%, Tiffany Shedd 9%, the remaining candidates did not receive votes.
  • AZ Sec of State: Mark Finchem 77%, Shawnna Bolick 16%, Michelle Ugenti Rita 7%, the remaining candidate did not receive votes.
  • AZ Treasurer: Kimberly Yee 62%, Jeff Weninger 38%, the remaining candidate did not receive votes.
  • AZ Super of Pub Instruction: Shiry Sapir 61%, Tim Horne 38%, the remaining candidate did not receive votes.

Members are urged to get involved in the election. Become a poll watcher and/or a poll worker. There is training for both rolls currently being offered. For more information, contact Kaye Feller 805.890.6766.

Our July meeting is on the 12th with 4 engaging speakers and we will meet on August 9th for a viewing of 2000 Mules. If you haven't seen this important film please join us. Even if you have seen it, see it again. Bring your friends with you!
Kathy Leaman has asked for members to come forward to work with her on our annual fundraising event. It takes many hands to plan and make these events come together and to ensure they are successful and most of all that everyone has a good time.

This is the second full year of our club and it is time to think about the election of officers for the 23-24 term. The By-laws require the nomination committee include a minimum of 5 primary club members, two elected from the BOD (cannot include the current president) and three to be elected from the general membership. The offices to be filled are president, 1st VP – Program, 2nd VP – Membership, 3rd VP – Ways & Means, Recording Secretary and Treasurer. The committee must be elected no later than the September 2022 meeting.

The slate of one candidate for each office will be reported at the Club's Annual Meeting October of the election year (2022), All nominees must be primary members. Nominations from the floor shall be in order following the report of the Nominating Committee. Candidates wishing to be nominated from the floor shall submit to the President, prior to the opening of the meeting at which election is to take place, their written consent to serve if elected.
The election is in November if there is more than one candidate for any position. The installation of officers will be held at our December meeting.


  • Rodney Glassman, one of six AZ AG candidates. Rodney emphasizes that he will support our police and would like to see Qualified Immunity for police officers codified into AZ state law. He would enhance the Election Integrity Division within the AG's office. He also plans to protect AZ citizens from out-of-control school boards in the state.
  • Jake Hoffman, Jacqueline Parker and Neal Carter, the dynamic trio for LD 15. They have no one running against them in either party so they are effectively our representatives and senator already. Jacquie shared with us that the legislature had passed an updated Abortion bill during this session. It allowed for an abortion up to 15 weeks, however, it does not nullify an existing anti-abortion law that was AZ law prior to 1973 when Roe was approved by the Supreme Court.

These three legislators have worked very hard to get bills passed to protect election integrity, reduce taxes, supporting charter schools and school choice with the funds staying with the child and not the schools. All three of them worked hard to force the house leaders to cut hundreds of millions in wasteful spending from this years budget bill, however, the leaders made concessions to the democrats in the house and were able to pass an awful budget bill.

Chris Kelly, campaign manager for Andy Biggs, CD – 5, stopped by to say a few words. We will have Andy speak to us in the near future.

Meeting adjourned.
Arlene Stassinos had grilled hotdogs, buns and condiments along with Pat Aritz very tasty patriotic cakes. Thank you to both for their contributions.
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