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July Meeting Summary

July Meeting Summary

The Executive Board of the Queen Creek-San Tan Valley Republican Women Federated have collectively sustained a successful RWF in the Southeast Valley! In spite of our arduous volunteer work, each of us have learned to balance family obligations and a personal lifestyle. With this said, our President Kaye Feller's presence at a wedding of a family member out-of-state on the week of our July 12 General Meeting enabled Arlene Stassinos, 2nd VP of Membership, to preside at the podium for this meeting. 

Four Guest Speakers were given opportunities to present themselves and express their perspective in how to "Save America" or "Save Arizona". 

Retired Adjutant General Mick McGuire (US Senate Candidate) elevated a sense of urgency to strengthen the military…2022 the current administration mission is to "destroy" the military by a concept known as "Compulsory Obedience". Strong military leadership is gradually transformed into being under government control—prominent example is the vaccine mandates necessitating the release of thousands from active duty. General McGuire emphasized the need to protect the 10th Amendment giving the rights to the States. 

Attorney General Candidate Lacey Cooper shared that she was the only Candidate with Border Security experience having had 15 years experience as a Prosecutor of illegal aliens. She expressed 4 bullet points of her platform: 

  1. Border Protection. 
  2. Adhering to the US Constitution and AZ State Constitution. 
  3. Castigate Federal Government overreach. 
  4. Spread the news that the Government CAN detain Migrants. 

Queen Creek Town Council Candidate Travis Padilla introduced himself and expressed his stance in maintaining the true Conservative values. He expressed his opponents have moderate or less than conservative views than his perspective with respect to running the city. 

Corporate Commission Candidate Kim Owens reiterated that the Corporate Commission is a vital part of the State--validating that it is the 4rth Branch of the Legislation. There are 17 states that have a Corporate Commission and Arizona's happens to be the most powerful in the country!

A new procedural system was implemented regarding Q & A's with our Guest Speakers. Index cards were circulated for those wanting to ask questions for specific Candidates. Kim Snow asked 3-4 questions per Candidate generated from the Members and Guests. This will be implemented for upcoming General Meetings.

It was announced that an error was made by the Pinal County Ballots. The Municipalities were inadvertently left out and supplementary ballots were currently being printed and will be mailed as soon as possible. More detailed information will be forthcoming via email.

With the August 2 Primary Election around the corner, our RWF Club enabled four Guest Speakers to speak on July 12. Therefore, it was necessary to modify the General Meeting Agenda in the following areas: Americanism Report, Ways and Means Report, and Caring for America Report will resume presentations at our next regular monthly General Meeting—September 13. These Reports may be in our upcoming Trunkline Newsletter. 

Arlene Stassinos introduced the new Primary Members and Associates. It was announced that a Search Committee was formed to seek Primary Members to serve on the 2023 Executive Board of Officers and Committee Chairpersons. The following positions will be opened for election: *Recording Secretary, and *3rd VP Ways & Means, . As of June 30, 2022 , QC-STV RWF has 81 Primary Members and 35 Associate Members. We welcome our NEW Primary Members: TERRY SMITH and JOANNA STEVENS.

It was announced that another Fight Voter Fraud Class Training to be offered on JULY 26. There will be other training classes if adequate number of participants are committed to register. Please see our Chaplain Monica Parker if interested.

Our August General Meeting will be a "Special Events" meeting. Dinesh D'Souza's stunning revelation of the 2020 Presidential Election was "stolen" in his documentary, 2000 Mules will be shown TUESDAY AUGUST 16 at the Pioneer Justice Center. Details will be forthcoming in our QC-STV RWF Announcement sent via email. Please check your "Promotion" or "Spam" folder if you are not able to receive our Club Announcements or Newsletters.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:50.
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