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January Membership Update

January Membership Update

QC-STV Republican Women Federated MEMBERSHIP REPORT

Our January 2023 Membership Report to the General Membership is as follows:

96 PRIMARY MEMBERS (one Primary Member and Associate Member moved out of state)
Two Primary Members have joined as Associate Members and have opted to join another Republican
Women Federated Club as their primary club.

We welcome our NEW Primary Members and have been officially reported to AZFRW and NFRW on January 31, 2023:
  • JOAN CARR (lives in Florence)
  • JANET CHABOLA (lives in Florence)
  • DEBORAH COHEN (lives in Queen Creek)
  • DONNA ESTLER (lives in Queen Creek)
  • ROSEMARIE WOLFE (lives in Queen Creek
  • CAROLYN GERBER (a Returning Primary Member from 2021)

Our current membership number has 96 Primary Members, which includes our FIVE New Members. We hope that "43" 2022 Primary Members and will join us in 2023 and "21" Associate Members. Our grace period to renew is February 15. And if you are not going to renew, your communications from our QC-STV Republican Women Federated, Arizona Federation of Republican Women, and National Federation of Republican Women will be discontinued. You will be reported as being "inactive" status. To expedite your renewal, please go online to our website: www.qcstvrepublicanwomen. com and open the Menu bar in the top right-hand corner and "click" the RENEW link. Select the type of Membership: Primary Membership or Associate Member. Please note: You can only join 1 Republican Women Federated Club as your PRIMARY MEMBERSHIP and you are permitted to join several local or out-of-state Clubs as an Associate Member if it is chartered by the National Federation of Republican Women. "Last chance" communication will be sent to you before February 15 to enable you to renew your membership and after this date, your membership will be removed from our Mailing System and attendance at our General Meeting will not be permitted. Should you opt NOT to join us for 2023, know that you are always welcomed back!

Do you know of a Queen Creek-San Tan Valley Republican Woman Primary Member that you feel worthy of being recognized? Talent? Career? Performance? Special feat? Please email or text your information to Arlene Stassinos, Membership. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Our next Member Highlight article will be in our March Trunkline Newsletter. Stay tuned.

"Happy Happy BIRTHday to"

  • Velma Herzeberg--2 
  • Cheryl Chase— 5
  • Donna Olsen-- 7
  • Andrea Allen— 11
  • Beverly Teeters— 21
  • Melinda Kornblum— 28

Arlene Stassinos
2nd Vice President Membership

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