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February President's Message

February President's Message

Thank you to the members of the Queen Creek – San Tan Valley RWF for your continuous support and belief in me to lead your Club. I will continue to work to keep our club growing and becoming stronger over the next two years. I pray that two years from now we will have inaugurated the next Republican President as the 47th President of the greatest county on earth.

As we begin 2023, we are already seeing the first candidates, at the National and State level, announcing intentions to run for office in 2024. We used to have a break of a few months between the past election and the campaigns beginning for the next one, but no more. Our lives seem to move from one election cycle to the next without much of a break.

I am personally grateful to Kari Lake that she is continuing, to pursue through the courts, the election irregularities within the 2022 AZ elections. These irregularities should have been handled in 2016, 2018, or 2020 and not still be haunting our elections six years later. The Democrats change their methods of mudding up the waters in each cycle, so we will never catch up and will continue to be one election behind while they continue to "win" elections. God willing there will be a judge or judges (at some level) willing to face up to the illegalities and devastation the Democrats have foisted on our elections and the electorate and issue rulings that will end their reign of terror on our state.

I am proud of and thankful for CD 5 Congressman Andy Biggs, newly elected CD 6 Congressman Eli Crane as well as the other congressional representatives who joined with them to either vote out Kevin McCarthy or negotiate a deal with Mr. McCarthy to hold his feet to the fire and rewrite the Rules of the House of Representatives. Mr. McCarthy over the past 12 years has worked with Mitch McConnell and the Democratic party to spend our country into an unbelievable amount of debt. Mr. McCarthy was not someone who could be counted on to stand up to the other side of the aisle.

Congressional representatives began trying to negotiate with McCarthy within days of the November 8 election and McCarthy knew the entire time, up to and including, the first vote for Speaker that he did not have the votes to win. During the two months between the election and the first vote, McCarthy refused to negotiate and thus we ended up with a historic 15 votes for Speaker of the House of Representatives, but Andy Biggs and the Freedom Caucus came out victorious in the end.

There was some sunshine that shone through the election of 2022, such as many new school board representatives winning elections, all new tax bill initiatives being voted down and both houses of the Arizona state legislature being more conservative than ever, even with only a one-vote margin in each House. We, the members of our Club, must be very vocal in supporting our state senators and representatives, and one sure way to let them know your position on proposed legislation is to sign up for Request to Speak (RTS) through Darla Gonzalez, the Grassroots Director for Az Free Enterprise Club.

Within our Club, we have some work to do if we are to be more successful in supporting Republicans in the next election. We are asking for members to come forward to fill the following roles:

  • Newsletter Editor
  • Caring for America Chair involves partnering with Compassion Connect of AZ
  • Community Relations Chair
  • Literacy Chair
  • Campaign Chair

If you have an interest in one or more of these positions, please contact Kaye Feller or one of the other BOD members for information. We will have sign-up sheets at our next meeting on February 7.
If you have an interest in participating on the Scholarship Committee, see Gail DeMario and let her know.

The Ways & Means Committee Chairpersons will announce a new fund-raising program at the February meeting. It will be easy, fun, and rewarding. It is called the "26 Club".

Want to learn more about our Constitution and Declaration of Independence, we are starting a study group for our members. Please contact Kaye Feller if you are interested in learning more about our governing documents.

We are planning an exciting and rewarding year for our members. Join us and we will all succeed.

"The best way to predict the future is to create it"….

God Bless,
Kaye Feller, President
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