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Do Not Despair - FIGHT

Do Not Despair - FIGHT

I am a fan of Dennis Prager's (and Steve Bannon's) podcasts. Mr. Prager caught my attention one-day last week when he briefly talked about a section in the Book of Numbers where Moses sent twelve men into Canaan on a reconnaissance mission before they were going to attempt to conquer it. The spies came back with a report. Part of the report was discouraging in that the people of Canaan were huge and the cities were fortified, thus making it sound like the Israelites had no chance against them. Only two spies, Caleb and Joshua, trusted that God would enable Israel to take the land.
Mr. Prager then referenced a Bible commentator who explained the despair of the Israelites and that God considers despair a sin. Mr. Prager opines that if you despair about the United States, it is a sin because it means that "you won't do a damn thing." He goes on to say, "If you think we are losing, you are right, we are losing," (the battle against socialism and culture rot and the demoralization of our society). Mr. Prager asks those that are in despair, "Can you name a good cause in history that at some point was not losing?" "Was Churchill not losing to the Nazis at some point? Was George Washington not losing to the British at some point?"

Anger toward conservatives who opt out was expressed by Mr. Prager. He said that he has had many good-natured people tell him that they won't listen to the news anymore, stating something like, "I couldn't handle it anymore. Mr. Prager says, "Wait a minute!" "Our guys charged Normandy beach while Nazi submachine guns were firing at them, and you can't handle bad news?" He says, "Sorry, I do not have sympathy for that view!" He says, "I understand it, but I don't have sympathy for it."

Charlie Kirk, CEO of TPUSA (Turning Point USA), recently had about 900 kids show up to hear him at UC Davis, and Mr. Prager reported that he had about the same number recently attend one of his talks at the University of Wyoming. I hear about the great success of TPUSA and PragerU (Prager University). Some of you have likely seen the new PragerU advertisement on Fox News. It is great, and PragerU reports that it has been very successful. Certainly, the conservatives who opt out cannot know of the successes if they are not connected, watching, and hearing. I highly recommend Steve Bannon's podcasts from the Warroom,

We should not despair! We must keep on fighting. Mr. Prager says if it's not in you to fight then help the fighters. Being a member of our club is engaging in the fight. We need to increase our membership, please recruit more women for it. Our Club needs a Membership Chairman, and a committee that will work to recruit and retain membership. Our President will be announcing the need to fill more positions, such as Legislative Chairman; Community Relations Chairman; Literacy Chairman, Hospitality Chairman, and others. If you've never done this kind of thing before it is totally okay, we will help each other. And, donating to the fighters of your choice is important, such as PragerU, the Epoch Times, Turning Point USA, etc.


Lastly, buying products from the fighters, like Nick Adams, (Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness), and Mike Lindell (My Pillow) is also helping the fighters.

This month, March 2023, at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Coalition), President Trump said, "If those opposing us succeed, our beautiful USA will be a failed country…, a communist nightmare…" With reference to the Democrats' full-force socialism agenda, he said, "Our enemies are desperate to stop us because they know we are the only ones who can stop them…" He added, "They are not coming after me; they are coming after you…"

As for the Israelites, God would ultimately fight the battles for them, but they had to do their part, which was to move forward in faith. Long before, God had promised to give the Israelites the land of Canaan as their own (Exodus 6:4,8). God had assured them of total victory if they would trust Him.

Do not despair, fight and pray.
Americanism – Berta Lockhart

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