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April President's Message

President Kaye Feller
April has given Republicans and all Americans daily news that is disheartening for the country and our fellow Americans but continues to support the prediction of a major Red Wave in November. We, here in Arizona, have many outstanding candidates running for office at every level. Support the candidates of your choice by working for and donating to them. Arizona's primary is one of the latest in the country on August 2nd. We still have three months to help educate voters and get out the vote for the candidates you support. It also gives us time to train our members to work at the polls for both the primary and general election or become poll watchers. These positions are critical to clean and fair elections.

  • On April 18, a Federal Judge (appointed by President Trump), from Florida, ruled the CDC Mask Mandate for travel via federally controlled transportation sources is unconstitutional. It was long overdue but so necessary as it has become obvious that many liberal politicians would like to maintain the controls put in place in the name of Covid protections for Americans. These controls enabled liberal politicians to determine which businesses and jobs were necessary and allowed to remain open while thousands of others were determined as not necessary and had to close down. Controls were also used to tell Americans they had to cover their faces through mask mandates, require vaccines for travel and to maintain their jobs, etc. The only way to return to life as we knew it was for the courts to rule these types of controls are unconstitutional.
  • News coming from the Durham investigation is leading in a positive direction and maybe, just maybe, justice will be done. All signs are leading directly to Hillary Clinton and the DNC We now know that soon after the "Russia – Trump" collusion information provided to the FBI and CIA by Hillary's attorney, Sussman, the CIA determined that the data was not "technically plausible" and was "user-created".
  • Republicans are leading in the generic polling, by substantial margins--the largest margins in the history of these polls. The Democrats cannot seem to get out of their own way when it comes to their agenda which is overall very unpopular with the American people but a positive for electing Republicans in the fall.
  • Inflation is spiraling upward and unfortunately will continue to do so for the foreseeable future all due to the Biden/Democrat spending in Congress. Americans understand that the inflation is caused by the dramatic increase in spending by the Biden Administration.
  • Americans are very clear on what is causing and who is driving the high gasoline prices. They understand that the Biden Administration shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline and nearly all drilling and fracking in the United States is the cause.
  • One of the largest drivers of anti-democratic polling is related to what is being taught to our children in public schools and the government and teacher's unions' philosophy that that parents should not be involved in what schools are teaching their children. Watch for more on anti- CRT and ESL protests. Parents are angry and are pushing back on the schools and their curriculum by attending school board meetings and running for school boards (and winning).
  • Out-of-control crime across the country, especially in Democrat led big cities where Soros backed prosecutors have refused to hold criminals accountable for their crimes.
  • The invasion at the southern border becomes worse by the day impacting everyone is our country and our national security. Biden's plan to end title 42 in May could be the final straw that breaks the back of Americans. Even 10 Democrats have flipped on Biden and oppose ending Title 42.

Congressional Republicans are making preparations for multiple investigations of democrat policies and actions over the last six years. Kevin McCarthy, Republican, minority leader in the House of Representatives, has laid out a framework of investigations that Republicans will undertake after the election. In preparation for taking control of the House committees, members are being trained in how to run the hearings so they can hit the ground running.

While the Democrats seem like they cannot get out of the way of their own destruction, we can never underestimate them. We MUST be prepared to do whatever we can to do to educate voters and encourage them get out and vote on election day in November. That means making phone calls, walking precincts, working for congressional and legislative candidates in nearby districts where they may have a more diverse electorate. Please also consider donating whatever you are able even if it is $5. Every dollar makes a difference.

Kaye Feller, President
Queen Creek - San Tan Valley RWF

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