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Ballot Initiatives

  • Prop 128 – Voter Protection Act. Constitutional Amendment. The Constitutional Amendment would allow the legislature to amend, divert funds from, or supersede an initiative or referendum measure enacted by the people of AZ if the measure is found to contain illegal or unconstitutional language by the AZ or United States Supreme Court. YES
  • Prop 129 – Constitutional Amendment -- Single Subject Bill The constitutional amendment would limit an initiative measure to a single subject and require that subject to be expressed in the title of the initiative measure. YES
  • Prop 130 – Constitutional Amendment – Amendment would consolidate four sections of the constitution regarding property tax exemptions into a single section; remove the constitutional determinations of the amounts of certain property tax exemptions; and allow property tax exemptions for resident veterans with disabilities, widows, and widowers regardless of when they became Arizona residents. No Recommendation
  • Prop 131 – Add Lt Governor to elected state officials. Lt Governor candidate would be selected by Gubernatorial candidate and run together for office, same as the US President and VP. Currently if the governor leaves office during their term, the Secretary of State becomes the governor. Can be from different parties. YES
  • Prop 132 – Constitutional amendment would require that an initiative or referendum to approve a tax receives sixty percent of the votes cast to become law. Currently 50% + 1. YES
  • Prop 308 – Tuition Issue. Would allow instate tuition levels for illegal aliens. The law would allow Arizona students. Regardless of immigration status, to be eligible for financial aid at state universities and community colleges and in-state tuition if they graduated from and attended a public or private high school, or home school equivalent, for two years in Arizona. NO
  • Prop 309 – Voter Identification. Would require universal ID requirements for all voters. The law would require voters to write their birthdate, government-issued ID number, and signature on a concealed early ballot affidavit; require photo ID to vote in person; and require the Arizona Department of Transportation to provide without charge a nonoperating ID license to individuals who request one for voting purposes. YES
  • Prop 310 – Fire District Funding. Would be funded through an increase in the sales tax. NO
  • Prop 209 -- Predatory Debt Collection Protection Act – Reduces maximum interest rates on medical debt from 10% to no more than 3% per year. Increases exemptions from all debt collection for certain personal assets, including a debtor's home, household items, motor vehicles, and bank account from debt collection; adjusting exemptions from all debt collection for inflation beginning in 2024; decreasing the amount of disposable earnings but allowing a court to decrease the disposable earnings subject to garnishment to 5% based on extreme hardship. NO
  • Prop 211 -- Voters Right to Know Act. Would provide for the release of all names of donors who contribute to PACs. Doxing and political discrimination of donors. NO

Recommendation for: Judicial Retention

Arizona Supreme Court

  • Hon. James P. Beene
  • Hon. William G. Montgomery
  • Court of Appeals Division I
  • Hon. Cynthia J. Bailey

Maricopa County Superior Court
  • Hon. Bradley Astrowsky
  • Hon. Alison S. Bachus
  • Hon. Robert I. Brooks
  • Hon. Rusty D. Crandell
  • Hon. Jennifer Green
  • Hon. Michael J. Herrod
  • Hon. Joseph S. Kiefer
  • Hon. Susanna C. Pineda
  • Hon. Michael Z. Rassas
  • Hon. Tracey Westerhausen
  • Hon. Cassie Woo
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