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September President's Message

September President's Message

August was a good month for Arizona Republicans. AZGOP Chair, Kelly Ward, said following the August 2nd election, that Republicans had the largest primary election turnout ever. We voted a strong slate of candidates for the November 8th general election. Our job now is to do everything we can to ensure each of our candidates win on November 8. What does this look like?

  • Donate as much as you are able, to Kari Lake, Blake Masters, Mark Finchem and Abe Hamadeh, between now and November 8. Without Republicans in the Secretary of State and Attorney General positions, it will be very difficult for Governor Kari Lake to accomplish her agenda for Arizona.
  • We need Blake Masters strong voice as a senator in Washington DC. Blake will help stop the Biden agenda of open borders, raising taxes and unlimited spending which continues to exacerbate the already out-of-control inflation we are experiencing.
  • We need every Republican on the ballot to be elected if we are to turn around the disaster that is the Biden administration and the Democrats. Don't forget to work for your congressional and state legislative candidates also.
  • Proudly put signs up for each of our candidates. If you aren't sure where to get the signs, ask.
  • We must all be willing to walk precincts to talk to voters and share candidate information. We will be scheduling dates, times, and neighborhoods for campaigning. We will also offer training if you have not done this in the past. See more on training in Kim Snow's message WE STILL NEED YOU further down in the Trunkline.
  • Learn all you can about the various ballot initiatives, so you understand them and are comfortable talking to friends, family, and strangers about each issue. There is additional information on the ballot initiatives in the Trunkline. We will have speakers in September who will share their expert knowledge of some and or all the initiatives. Be sure to attend the September meeting so you are in the know.
  • Don't forget to sign up to be a poll watcher and/or work at the polls on election day.
  • I still believe that we will see a Red Wave across the country. How could we not when 75% of Americans believe that the country is headed in the wrong direction?
    • Inflation is out of control due to Democrats unabated spending.
    • The southern border is wide open with millions of illegals walking across the border over the last 18 month and will only continue to get worse.
    • Crime is out of control in all major cities governed by Democrats. This crime wave is spreading into rural America and the fentanyl epidemic killed more than 100,000 Americans in 2021 more Americans will die in 2022.
    • There are shortages of nearly anything you need to buy and/or have repaired, gasoline prices double or triple what they were when Trump left office, our schools are in crisis and teachers believe teaching CRT is more important than reading, writing and arithmetic.
    • Our military the weakest it has been since pre-WWII, and interest rates more than double what they were when Trump left office.
    • The list goes on and on, while we all are feeling the effects of the leftist Green New Deal here and around the world.

As bleak as it seems today, have faith and be willing to do all you can to bring the changes needed to turn our great country around! WE CAN BE PART OF MAKING THE RED WAVE HAPPEN!

As long as we have faith in our own cause and an unconquerable will to win, victory will not be denied us.

Winston Churchill
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