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April President's Message

April President's Message

Happy Spring to all! The good news is that we will be back at the County Civic Center again in April. The county had a construction project in the large meeting room during the month of March thus it was unavailable for use.

On Monday, March 27, Kathy Leaman, Beverly Goldstein, and I spent the day with AZ state Senator Wendy Rogers at the state capital. We were given a tour of the State Museum in the Administrative building. It has several exhibits describing the history of Arizona first as a Territory of the United States with appointed Governors through statehood in 1912.

I was so impressed by the number of classes of schoolchildren that came through the museum while we were there. The children were then taken to either the senate or house chambers with their guides. We had an opportunity to listen to questions from some of the children. It warms my heart to see the little ones being introduced to our state government where it happens.

After lunch, the Senate was in session, reviewing and voting on bills. During the session, Senator Rogers introduced Kathy, Beverly, and me, by name announcing that we are from Pinal County. There were many others in attendance who were also introduced. Following the session, Senator Rogers chaired the Election Committee. This meeting was the last committee meeting of this year's session. In the committee, there were five (5) Republican and three (3) Democrat members. They reviewed five bills that had been approved by the House and forwarded to the Senate. The review includes the introduction of individual bills, followed by public comments for or against the bill with questions being asked of them by the Senators in one case the House member who had introduced the bill under discussion, Alex Kolodin, was called into the Senate committee to answer questions on various section of the bill. Once the discussion is completed, the committee members vote. Each of the five bills passed out of committee and will be heard by the full Senate, followed by a vote. Each of the bills we heard was passed out of Committee and will be heard by the full Senate. Each of the votes was 5 Republican yes, 3 Democrat no.

Beverly, Senator Rogers, Kathy & Kaye at the AZ State Capitol

Our Republicans have a one-member advantage in each house. They have written and approved many bills during the current session, however, Democrat Governor Katie Hobbs has or will veto the majority of those bills. In the current environment, we must hold the majority in both houses of the legislature and hold the line against the Democrats being able to advance and pass their bills. So far in this session, our Republicans have held the line against the Democrat legislation and even voted down some of the governor's appointees. Some bills, Hobbs has vetoed will be used against the Democrats as they run in the next election campaign. Other bills will be referred to the ballot where citizens will have the opportunity to vote for them.

Our Congressional Representatives in Washington D.C. have made great headway in their committee hearings. The committees may refer their findings to the Department of Justice, where in this administration, those referrals will likely go nowhere, however, elections are 20 months away and we can always refer the findings to a Republican-controlled Department of Justice in 2024.

I announced at the March general meeting that our beloved Membership Chair, Arlene Stassinos, will be leaving us in June and relocating to Florida. With her departure, we are in need for one of our members to step forward and take over the role of VP Membership as membership is central to every club and ours is no different. Our Board Members work together and will continue to work with and support our new VP Membership. Further down in the newsletter is a description for the VP Membership position. If you are interested, please contact either Arlene Stassinos or Kaye Feller. If you might be interested in the role but would like to work with another member that is also a possibility.

Don't forget to purchase your fundraising tickets. They are $35 each and are good for the next 12 months. There are 26 drawings with the first one on April 18. The more tickets you purchase, the more opportunities you have to win. There are 20 drawings that pay out $50 each and 6 that pay $250. The checks will be mailed to the winner after each drawing. You can buy at the meetings with cash, check or credit card.

See you all at the next meeting, on April 18. This is also the date of the first drawing. Come buy your ticket and who knows, it may be your lucky night.

God Bless and Keep You,
Kaye Feller, President
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