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April Meeting Summary


Members enjoyed picking up their yummy treats from our first ever Bake Sale. The Board of Directors members had a good time baking the goodies including Oreo Easter Treats, Cadbury Mini-egg Cookies, Coffee Blondies and Lemon Cream Cheese Cupcakes. Thank you to all who participated in the Bake Sale.

Berta Lockhart, Americanism Chair, shared with us a quote from our Second President, John Adams. In 1798, Adams said "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." He was speaking to the Officers of the First Brigade of the Third Division of the militia of Massachusetts.

Much has been written about this.  Click here for an example.  Search You Tube: Yuri Bezmenov: The Marxist Ideological Subversion of America, Video is dated September 24, 2017, by Quick Red Pills. Yuri Bezmenov wrote a book called Love Letter to America.

We had three very engaging candidates speak to us. Jeff Weninger is running for Arizona state Treasurer and Nick Myers and Kevin Thompson running for the two open seats on the Arizona Corporation Commission.

Jeff Weninger, candidate for AZ state Treasurer

Jeff Weninger, candidate for State Treasurer shared his vision for the office and why he believes he is qualified for the position. Jeff is a business owner in Chandler having started two separate restaurants 25+ years ago in Chandler. Being concerned about the business environment in Chandler, Jeff ran for and won a seat on the Chandler City Council where he was known as a financial watchdog. He identified areas of waste in the city budget and was able to get his proposed changes put into practice for the city saving the taxpayers money. Jeff was elected to the AZ House of Representatives in 2014. He has continued to be an advocate for Arizona's businesses and families. He believes that he can continue to advocate for Arizonians as the AZ State Treasurer making the office more transparent for the public to easily be able to follow decisions and actions of the Treasurer's office. He also believes it is imperative that the office has an independent Cyber Security Audit with results reported to the public. Jeff has received the endorsement of 24 of his fellow legislators.

Candidates for Arizona Corporation Commission, Nick Myers and Kevin Thompson

Two candidates running for the two open seats on the Arizona Corporation Commission, Nick Myers and Kevin Thompson spoke to the attendees on why they are running for the Commission and their qualifications. Candidates for the Corporation Commission are required to run under the Clean Elections program. This requires that each candidate have a minimum 1,500 donations of $5 each to qualify to receive $150,000 +/-. The candidates may not accept campaign contributions from PACs or corporations. Both Kevin and Nick were still in need of about 200 more donations as of the meeting date. Members and guests in attendance were very generous in helping them with their $5 donations.
Nick Myers currently works as a policy analyst with the Corporation Commission since 2020 and was very active in the 2020 election successfully working to have Jim O'Connor elected as a write-in candidate.

Kevin Thompson is currently serving on the Mesa City Council for the 6th district. He has been on the committee responsible for setting utility rates for Mesa utilities and also worked for a utility company for several years affording him the knowledge to understand the role of the Corporation Commission in Arizona.

The Corporation Commission sets all of the Utility Rates in Arizona. This accounts for about 98% of their work. Additionally, the Corporation Commission regulates securities, approves corporations, is responsible for the safety of the railroads and pipelines in the state. Telecommunications also fall under the Corporation Commission. 

Our Constitution Was Made For A Moral and Religiou...
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