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Americanism: Our Nation’s Liberty is Threatened with a Standing Army


James Madison is known as the Father of the Constitution because of his central role in the drafting of the Constitution and the first Ten Amendments. He feared and loathed standing armies. In a speech he gave before the Constitutional Convention in 1787, he said, "A standing military force with an overgrown Executive will not long be safe companions to liberty. The means of defense against foreign danger have been always the instruments of tyranny at home…., and throughout all Europe, the armies kept up under the pretext of defending, have enslaved the people." Also, Thomas Jefferson wrote, "A standing army has always been used by despots to enforce their rule and to keep their people under subjection. Its existence was therefore considered a great threat to peace and stability in a republic and a danger to the rights of the nation…"

Now, we must thoughtfully consider whether our beloved nation's current condition is such that its citizens are under the threat of tyranny with a standing army. The Epoch Times has recently looked into this and reports the following:

  • The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has stockpiled 4500 guns and 5 million rounds of ammunition in recent years; the guns include shotguns, long barrel rifles, and submachine guns;
  • The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has purchased 11 million rounds of ammunition, along with riot helmets and shields, tactical lighting, and other similar equipment;
  • The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has 4 million rounds of ammunition, 1300 guns, 5 submachine guns and 189 automatic firearms for its Office of the Inspector General;
  • The Social Security Administration (SSA) has 800,000 rounds of ammunition for its special agents as well as firearms;
  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) owns 600 guns and now has 620 armed special agents;
  • Among the agencies being supplied with night vision equipment, body armor, hollow point bullets, shotguns, drones, assault rifles, and liquid propane gas cannons are the Smithsonian, U.S. Mint, HHS, IRS, Food and Drug Administration, Small Business Administration, SSA, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Education Department, and, Bureau of Engraving and Printing. 
This year the Senate passed HR 5376, ridiculously called the Inflation Reduction Act, which includes 80 billion in new funding and authorization for the IRS to hire 87,000 full time employees, many or most will be armed "Criminal Investigation Special Agents." Furthermore, there are several other federal law enforcement agencies which are heavily armed, including the corrupt Department of Justice (DOJ) and FBI. The arrests, solitary confinement, delayed hearings, etc. of the January 6 political opponents of the Biden Administration is appalling. The arrests continue to this date, many of whom were not at the rally or did not enter the Capitol building. The DOJ continues to selectively target President Trump and other Republicans, e.g. Peter Navarro and Steve Bannon. Also, the FBI recently confiscated the cell phones of My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell, and Republican Congressman Scott Perry. This year, many pro life pregnancy centers have been fire bombed without any interest by the FBI to investigate. Heavily armed FBI Swat Teams have showed up at the homes of regular citizens, for example pro life Catholic Mark Houck. Much more can be cited, such as the huge DHS agency, collecting biometric data, which is headed by the Biden puppet Alejandro Mayorkas. Recently, Secretary Mayorkas told Congress at an Oversight Hearing that the southern border is secure. Another matter to consider is the fact that the federal government grants billions in grants to local police agencies; and, so the question is: Is there allegiance in these agencies to the federal government?

How easy would it be for these forces to mobilize to create a national police state? This is exactly what the founding fathers feared. All the while, the Democrats want to further restrict gun purchases for law abiding citizens.

Americanism – Berta Lockhart
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