Our Team

Our 2023-2024 Executive Board of Directors
2nd Vice President of Membership


I am originally from NY and was exposed to a mostly Democratic ideology as a youth. As a young adult, I turned away from politics because it was so emotionally charged and overwhelming. It was ingrained in us that Republicans were generally bad and I began to question everything as I met actual Republicans who were anything but.

Through the QC-STV Republican Women Federated Club, I have started to become a more educated and empowered citizen. The club presents current events and issues in a logical and rational manner as well as opportunities to hear from candidates first-hand. There is no emotional overwhelm or energy spent throwing shade at the competition. Instead, I am equipped with the information I need to make educated decisions as an American voter. It is an honor to serve the club as the Communications Chair and help continue to bring clarity and confidence to others.

I live in Gilbert, AZ, and have two children: Ethan (20) and Allie (16). Professionally, I am employed as a Vice President for an east-coast health care company.  


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