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Our 2023-2024 Executive Board of Directors
562-412-0388 / treasurer@qcstvrepublicanwomen.com
2nd Vice President of Membership


I’ve always been a Republican. My parents were Republican and they trained me well. I’ve always researched candidates and voted but never really involved. When my husband and I lived in Oklahoma, we joined a group called City Elders. This group was pastors and citizens, trying to figure out how to guard the gates of our communities like the City Elders did in the Bible. That sparked my interest in local politics.

When we moved to Florence, I started to get more involved. I found the Florence Ladies for President Trump group and began to canvass for President Trump in 2020. Disappointed at what happened during that election, I started to look around at what was happening in Pinal County. I was introduced to Kathy Nowak from the Pinal County Republican Committee and Kaye Feller from the QC-SV RWF club. The rest is history.

I got involved in both organizations. I started by attending meetings. I asked questions, and started paying closer attention to what was going on in my newly adopted state. That led me to a position on the QC-STV Board as 3rd VP Way & Means and now I am the elected Treasurer. With the Pinal County Republican Committee, I was asked to run for the 2nd Vice Chair position as part of a ticket. I was extremely honored when I was elected in November 2022.

I am very concerned about our country but I have recognized that I can’t do much about our America unless I work locally. I can work to help get conservative people with my values elected. People that love our country as I do and are ready to take a stand and fight. Right now, I am working through these two organizations to fight for our constitutional rights every day. I believe that the election of 2024 is absolutely our last chance to save our America. I am reaching out every day to educate my friends, my neighbors and my family. My plans for the next 13 months are to continue to fight as hard as I can to get the right people elected.  


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