Our Team

Our 2023-2024 Executive Board of Directors


I moved to Queen Creek from the San Fernando Valley in CA one year ago. Before I moved, while we were looking for a home, I researched the RWF clubs in the area. I contacted Kaye Feller who told me about the club and said I would be very welcome when I arrived. I had been a member of the Woodland Hills RWF since early 2008 and became very active almost immediately.

I had been a Democrat in a Democrat family until Jimmy Carter made me wake up. I held several Board positions In the Woodland Hill Federated Club.

Ronald Reagan made me a Republican, and I’m very happy he did. I marched for civil rights, burned my bra, marched for women’s equality, and didn’t eat a grape for 20 years while a Democrat. It wasn’t until I discovered the Republican Women Federated that I found issues and causes that were for the good of all Americans. I

look forward to continuing to support Republican values and electing Republicans to local, state, and national offices to Make America Great Again.  


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