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From my earliest recollections, I have always been who I am today. In possession of an irrepressible exuberance to run to the front of parades to see the flag and the soldiers go by; sneaking down to my grandparent’s basement to stare at mom and dad’s military uniforms complete with medals and stripes; going alone to attend the church across the street; spending my free time training on swim teams and studying for the three advanced degrees I finally received. Most importantly though, my recollections tell me my thinking and acting has always been quite different from most of my playmates and later my colleagues.

I was so delighted to one day discover that this way of life I was attracted to, and couldn’t help but express, had a name. Conservativism. I was a conservative! And can you imagine the joy in discovering my type of conservatism had a political identity. Republicanism. I was a Republican!

Only in the Great United States of America could a child from a broken home, with its many disadvantages and statistical prognoses for failure, live the life she loved and love the life she was living. This is the key to individualized success.

Our country is full of success stories. Our Judeo-Christian traditions and the laws emanating therefrom have ensured success in many areas for many people. Republicans stand up for these laws with complete assurance they are given by God. They live this way; they worship this way; and they are this way. They are taking up the challenges of this century, which may be the greatest of all time. Bless them and bless the United States of America. 


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