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I am a Christian, conservative, and Republican mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. I love the United States of America. My beloved mother came to the USA as a young woman from Mexico and married my father, an American. My mother made it clear to her children that this was a special nation and that we should believe we are very privileged to be American. She inspired us deeply, and I believe this is one of the reasons I am a patriot. Also, my father was a WWII veteran and I understand what he gave to this nation. My father and his brothers were drafted immediately after the attack at Pearl Harbor. My poor sharecropper grandfather suffered the loss of his boys as they were no longer there to help him work the land. We are a military family. My husband is a Vietnam War veteran, and my son is an Iraq War veteran.

I am a Republican because I love my nation with all my being, and I mourn the loss of its values, principles, and freedoms. I must do whatever I can to fight and resist the left who stand for everything that is against my Lord and my country. My eyes were opened the most by a great teacher of conservatism whose name is Rush Limbaugh. I miss him a lot. I believe in the nationalist movement to make America great again, I really get it.  




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