There is power in numbers. There is power in information.


Queen Creek – San Tan Valley Republican Women Federated (QC-STVRWF)
Recognizing both the importance and the power of informed minds, Queen Creek – San Tan Valley Republican Women Federated was formed in the fall of 2020 to engage like-minded conservative women to educate and empower ourselves and others. In 2021 and coming years, we invite others to grow with us, be involved and active to be

*Engaged. *Educated. *Empowered.

Our goal is to grow our membership enabling our QC-STV RWF Club to have a greater impact on future candidates and issues in our elections. Our Club was founded October 2020 with 22 members and we have grown to more than 65 members. In October 2020, we received our charter from the National Republican Women Federation. We organized our club, voted for officers and celebrated the beginning of our group. Through the months preceding the 2020 Presidential election, we actively engaged in supporting Republican candidates in Primary and General Elections. Members attended rallies, collated literature for door drops and used the Sidekick APP system to go door knocking, attended training sessions, and made phone calls.

Following the disappointment of the November 2020 general election many of our members have become involved and active with various aspects of Election Integrity, phone calls and knocking on doors to validate County election records. Other members worked diligently on the floor of the Maricopa County Audit for many weeks.

Our members have become active Precinct Committeemen in Pinal or Maricopa Counties, and joined the Request to Speak (RTS) system where they actively participated in regular contact with legislators opining on whether they favored or disapproved of current legislation. Others wrote and called national legislators on federal legislation. We have accumulated hundreds of hours involvement since the beginning of the year.

Recently several members of our club participated in speaking before the Pinal County meeting of the Redistricting Commission sharing their views on the redistricting process. Our club did not meet for our regular monthly meetings during July and August. Instead we used this time to hold three New Member Orientations sessions that included more than half of our members. Members attended the biennial state and national meetings.

We look forward to work together to better America. As members of our individual Republican clubs, we have the opportunity make a difference and make American Great Again.

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